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Over the last several years, life science organizations have experienced an exponential growth in the amount of data that is collected and processed. Biomedical research has crossed a threshold where scientific advancement simply cannot be done without high performance systems that are capable of reliably storing and crunching this data to produce results. With an overwhelming amount of data to manage, bioscience organizations have embarked on finding (or creating) solutions to handle their growing workloads—too often with mixed results. When running compute-intensive workloads on both in-house clusters and on cloud-based solutions, businesses and research organizations have had to accept tradeoffs.

This is especially becoming true as AI processes, such as machine learning and Deep Learning are pushing the boundaries for bioscience research (along with the organization’s hardware capabilities), as researchers work to build predictive models from copious amounts of experimental data, working towards such things as breakthroughs in drug discovery and models to predict molecule toxicity and reactivity (among other exciting avenues of science).

To help researchers and organizations in fields driving innovation using high performance computing, ScaleMatrix has launched a new performance cloud solution that addresses the tradeoffs that the organizations often face that create waste and inefficiency. For example, the age of processors and other hardware in cloud environments is often incompatible with the latest applications or high energy expenditure levels that cause concerns related to environmental values. In other cases, certain aspects of cloud solutions have simply been frustrating to deal with. This has limited flexibility for customized cloud environments to support business needs or trouble finding right-size billing models or support.

ScaleCloud Enterprise is designed to address the common tradeoffs in cloud environments for compute intensive workloads. Featuring top-of-the-line Intel® processors and HPE servers housed in groundbreaking cabinet technology, ScaleCloud Enterprise is an evolutionary step forward in cloud offerings:

  • Provides the fastest, highest performance “green” cloud option available on the market
  • Enables customization of and complete control over hosted cloud environment
  • Delivers multiple support profiles and billing models


For more information on how bioscience organizations can get the most powerful yet efficient cloud solution that can scale with their growing high-performance computing needs, please check out the ScaleCloud Solution Brief here.


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