In a recent article, “Coworking Offerings Multiply in San Diego,” on, it was noted that “San Diego’s coworking spaces have grown consistently over the past eight years and are expected to increase again this year, according to the latest report from Cushman & Wakefield on coworking and flexible workplaces.” With the increase in coworking spaces, how does an entrepreneur choose the right space? It comes down to what is critical for their business plan, schedule, and budget. Priorities typically include flexible spaces and days of the week, low cost rent, quality location, security, free parking, access to technology solutions, reliable internet, laboratory resources and wet lab benches if in the sciences, and a positive community to build their business.   

The Life Science & Technology Launch Center on the campus of ScaleMatrix in San Diego is a specialized coworking space with a direct connection to their data center with cloud capabilities, ultra high-speed internet, reliable infrastructure, biometric security, and a CLIA-certified genomics laboratory. Members of the Launch Center have access to both state-of-the-art facilities, event space for client lunches or presentations, plus a variety of daily necessities like private conference rooms, coffee, and free parking.

The Genomics Science CLIA-certified laboratory of Diagnomics located within the Launch Center is ideal for helping early stage genomics, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics and personalized medicine companies to get their start.  Sun Genomics recently moved on from the Launch Center because of their company growth and need for a larger space. They used the CLIA-certified laboratory to leverage their patented DNA sequencing process to create their product Floré, which uses microbiome science to create personalized probiotics for consumers. Sun Genomics analyzes your personal gut microbiome, checks in with you about personal diet and health goals, and creates probiotics made specifically for you.  Your results are measured, and re-analyzed and adjusted as needed. It is the worlds’ first precision probiotics which is incredible!

The resources used by Sun Genomics in the CLIA-certified laboratory of Diagnomics is accessible to Launch Center members based on project needs. While providing access to industry-leading genomic research and testing, the Launch Center offers the technology resources which are critical to the success of every business today.

The Launch Center is ideal for technology entrepreneurs and small businesses that need affordable and flexible space, plus a reliable technology infrastructure. Data Net Solutions Group is a new Launch Center member who specializes in data management and technology solutions for small to medium-sized companies. Data Net owned a building they were operating out of and decided to be more efficient and move closer to where their data is, at ScaleMatrix. They now have low latency access to compute, data storage, cloud and connectivity resources which are key building blocks for their solutions. Rob Slaughter, the CEO of Data Net said, “We’re not going to have our internet go down, we’re not going to have our power go down, and we’re not going to have anyone get in here that an armed guard isn’t going to take care of.” Reliability and security are critical factors for Data Net.  

Setting up shop in a coworking atmosphere like the Launch Center gives entrepreneurs the confidence in their technology being connected to an advanced data center, the reliability of using the CLIA-certified laboratory with next generation sequencing services, and the support of a community of professionals wanting to build and grow their business.   

To learn more about the technology services, laboratory services, amenities, and flexibile pricing that fits your stage of growth, go to

-Stephanie Mansolino, VP of Marketing, ScaleMatrix

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