We Support

  • Caffe
  • Theoano
  • TensorFlow
  • Torch
  • Nervana
  • CNTK

Why Choose GPU-as-a Service with ScaleMatrix

Premium Servers Dedicated Access

Zero virtualization. Direct, unfettered access to the entire system, its resources, and all its GPUs (up to 8 of them).

Scalability When You Need It

Enjoy optimized hardware resources for Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence workloads at scale.

Dense GPU Power

x86 servers begin with 4-GPUs and scale up to 8-GPUs as needed. Leave data center hassles and slow GPU platforms behind. We've got you covered.

Compliance and Security

Your server – Your Data – Our Data Centers. Mature operating practices and extreme detail around compliance and security mean you can rest assured of your privacy and security.

GPUs on a Single Root Complex

Our switch riser technology enables up to 8 GPUs to communicate directly on a single root complex ensuring maximum PCIe bandwidth and eliminating the need for host CPU intervention.

No Cloud or Virtualization Overhead

You have direct access to the entire machine and all of the included horsepower. Use one or many machines to achieve your desired outcomes.

GPU-as-a Service Pricing

4-GPU Architecture Workload Monthly 6 Month 12 Month
4-GPU GeForce 1080Ti PASCAL Artificial Intelligence, Deep & Machine Learning $1,626 $1,545 $1,464
4-GPU TITAN XP PASCAL $2,046 $1,944 $1,842
4-GPU P40 PASCAL $4,251 $4,039 $3,826
4-GPU P100 (16GB) PASCAL HPC/General $4,251 $4,039 $3,826
8-GPU Architecture Workload Monthly 6 Month 12 Month
8-GPU GeForce 1080Ti PASCAL Artificial Intelligence, Deep & Machine Learning $3,044 $2,892 $2,740
8-GPU TITAN XP PASCAL $3,884 $3,690 $3,496
8-GPU P40 (24GB) PASCAL $7,999 $7,599 $7,199
8-GPU P100 (16GB) PASCAL HPC/General $7,999 $7,599 $7,199
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